So Below

Healing Trauma with respect to our duality. After a near death experience following a domestic violence incident, I felt compelled to share what I learned on the other side to help other survivors to heal, by challenging everything we have been taught. Using our duality and cyclical natures to expedite the healing process, by recognizing its place in every aspect of our lives, we stop just surviving and begin to thrive. It is my hope, to encourage curiosity and growth and to question everything. Covering a wide range of topics from understanding trauma and managing our emotions to religion, sex and the afterlife with dark humor and blunt honesty.

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Wednesday Oct 05, 2022

I talk about finding our identity by removing it completely, using a Game of Thrones reference (spoiler alert) to go over the concept of becoming no one to claim ourselves.

Saturday Oct 01, 2022

Finding peace through balance and order

Thursday Sep 22, 2022

Rest and meditation are an essential part of healing, but the concept of rest is particularly difficult for people with boundary issues. 

Thursday Sep 08, 2022

Flight, fight, fawn, and freeze look different when they are constantly engaged.

Wednesday Aug 31, 2022

This episode focuses on respecting your energy levels when it comes to how much you give others and tactfully setting boundaries.

Saturday Aug 20, 2022

In this episode I approach the subject of ownership in our healing journey.

Saturday Aug 06, 2022

The harsh realizations that come when you start to work through your trauma can be a hard pill to swallow, so here are some of my silver linings

Sunday Jun 26, 2022

In this episode we talk about Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS). After the supreme courts decision to over turn Roe V Wade, I feel like all the women of America are triggered right now, and these are my thoughts on the matter.

Monday Jun 20, 2022

When you stop carrying around the baggage other people placed on you, the sky is the limit.

Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

One of the most important part of our healing journey is learning where we are the one being toxic so that we can avoid projecting our pain and trauma onto others


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